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Treatment Thailand State of the Right to Education and Employment For Shemale

State of Thailand became the only country in the world that treats its people very open to the choice of his life, where they can get the freedom to think, act and choose the path in the environment will be gender, including choosing to be a Ladyboy / Shemale, here they can get an higher education and get a job after completing their studies.
College of Ladyboy

In Suan Dusit University in Bangkok transgender students or ladyboy accepted as equal to others. Shemale girl in uniform 'here. They behave in a feminine way and not have to hide who they really are.
of the expression of my younger cousins ​​who work and live in Thailand, there are employees who have one of their offices of Transgender sex this. and they were very well received by his friends the other office. even her friend who works at another company postscript is the marketing manager of Ladyboy sex. equalization in the environment means they are very well received. even airline Thai Airways Thai government that employs this ladyboy flight attendants at the airlines as a flight attendant, and it has lasted a long time and got a positive response from the passengers.

Ladyboy Thai Air
Even sakin many Thai ladyboy, in thailand itself often held transgender beauty queen contest this, it can capture the ladyboy who have good intellect intellect to tourism .. may be equivalent to the selection of the selection level pageant queen or princess Indonesia miss world in the world but the event that in fact transgender or ladyboy.
Indonesian another country that in fact we have not been able to receive 100% of this ladyboy, because our culture is very different from Thailand, in Indonesia were in fact transvestites narrowed his office only in the field of salon alone and probably many who work as prostitutes (sex workers ) who hung hung transvestites jalan.oh kasiannya this indonesia..yah Indonesia may not like Thailand where people differ in accepting this Ladyboy transvestites or ...


Most Beautiful Shemale in the land of White Elephant

Beautiful transsexual who became a model and artist
Thai Buddhism specifically did not consider homosexuality as a sin and does not have special restrictions on their lifestyle. Although kathoeys continue to face discrimination, dsatu the condition they were received but others have made themselves very different hidupyang part of Thai society, but they still have not yet reached the same status as other community at large in Thailand.

There are many restrictions that come with identity, one of which is the inability to marry someone of the same sex, meaning that even if accepted in Thai society but they are forbidden in the eyes of society married same sex, it is very acceptable invoke Ladyboy country and state legally ratified, where they will be able to change the data their data to the manufacture of identity identification such as ID cards and even change the birth certificate to facilitate the processing of identity such as a passport.

in cities outside of Bangkok itself is much thicker adopts Buddhist, they are very proud and happy when among them there are families who become kathoeys or ladyboy, this is because they think families with children kathoeys or ladyboy will make Prosper in family life. This can not be denied if seeing them as proud of his son who kathoeys, because most of them are average villagers will generally migrate to the city to live a better life to achieve a dancer dancers will Ladyboy very famous beauty, to foreign countries, and they will dance or show show and demonstrates their intelligence in areas under their control in public for the consumption of the foreign tourists who come to Thailand..dan almost every night they rake in lots of money for them and their families lives .. not seldom of those who have a nice house and luxury vehicles from the results of their work.
In Indonesia, the era of ancient 70-80s Year ladyboy Indonesia is very attractive to be used to build the ladyboy transvestite show, the name of the group was named Fantastic Doll ladyboy mirna leadership, .They often show show in the area with their dancing and singing skills that can entertain visitors. I've seen them 2 times, and I was comforted to attractions they dance and comedy as well as singing. names we know in the world of entertainment now that was a member of Fantastic Doll is Dorce .. unfortunately Fantastic Doll name already sunk and until now has been sinking since it may not compete in the performing arts.

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